Contented Music Club’s aim is to promote training and support for artists working in wellbeing and healthcare settings in the community. CMC will offer expert training for musicians particularly with a focus on singing leaders working in specialist areas, for example, people with Parkinson’s, mental health groups and the elderly. It will also create mentoring opportunities for these musicians as well as artistic projects for experience and development.


  • To provide benefit to community musicians working in the areas of health and wellbeing with a particular focus on singing,
  • To work as a training company, providing courses and mentoring opportunities to impart expert knowledge and tuition for new and existing community musicians
  • To set up and facilitate wellbeing and health singing artistic projects.

CMC has worked in partnership with Britten Pear Arts and Canterbury Cantata Trust. From 2016-2019, it held training courses for Sing to Beat Parkinson’s leaders at Snape Maltings in Suffolk, Folkestone in Kent and Morley College in London. Over 100 existing and potential singing and Parkinson’s leaders have now attended the training course. Since 2016, a number of new vocal groups for people with Parkinson’s have been established. The 2017 course saw leaders from as far a field as Ireland and Australia.

From 2019, CMC is expanding its own range of courses offered starting with running singing groups in mental health settings. New for 2020, includes on-project mentoring, rather than just learning via courses. Successful applicants will have the chance to be an apprentice on actual projects and learn in real life settings as well as having the chance to try their own practice within actual projects/groups. One of these projects includes the co-creation of an opera for and with people with Parkinson’s.

All musicians have a role to play in society. Singing and music are a vital part of a creative and healthy society.